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Shared Office Spaces in Delhi NCR

Great Coworking Spaces in West Delhi

Coworkrz is obviously one of the best shared workspace providers for the independent entrepreneurs and business individuals to carry out their functions. The sustainable co-working environment inside the city provides the availing individuals with all the essential sorts of amenities. Members are free to enjoy the convenient access to the co-workings space provided with 24/7 office infrastructure supports, networking along with knowledge sharing and collaboration. As per the necessities, specific members requests for allotment of the area under the shared workspace to work conveniently under the area.

02 Why Choose Us
02 Why Choose Us

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Facilities with CoWorkrz

Our Amenities

Amenities matters the most for such shared working spaces like Coworkrz resulting positively in grabbing the attention of mass majority of independent working individuals and entrepreneurs. Coworkrz being the most popular under the area promise to deliver the best sets of amenities in an extremely affordable price range than any other similar service providers.
Following such competitive range of provided amenities, mass majority of people including entrepreneurs, independent working professional are getting attracted to get their work done conveniently in a peaceful and professional environment.
Being centered at the prime location (merely 500 meters from Dwarka Mor Metro), people from the biggest connecting cities including Delhi, NCR etc are even getting in touch for experiencing the awesome working environment with comfortable shared workspace.

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A Hospitality Inspired Co-Working Space.

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What We Do

Private & Shared offices in Delhi

What We Offer

Coworkrz offers inspiring workspaces especially designed and developed for the entrepreneurs and independent contractors with all the essential sets of facilities. Complete office setup and environment is provided with utmost care of the members. Beverages, tea, coffee, super fast internet, access to computers, stationary etc are provided to the members without any hassles.

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Key Benefits

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Why Choose Us?

Benefits to Setting Up Your Startup with CoWorkrz

The Coworkrz environment presents the actual office space for promoting the productivity of the members. Member of the organization qualifies in creating meaningful team connections for getting their work done in a team environment with convenience.
To cap it all, the following list of benefits identifies the Coworkrz shared workspace for entrepreneurs and independent business contractors in setting up the startup proudly:

  1. Availability of super fast wireless and wired internet.
  2. Printing, scanning, photo-copy and office stationary
  3. Fully air-conditioned and fully furnished office spaces
  4. Well equipped feature rich meeting rooms, conference room etc
  5. Availability of the network with startup community
  6. Knowledge sharing and collaboration supporting environment
  7. Availability of CCTV for keeping an eye on unwanted activities
  8. 500 meters from Dwarka More Metro making it convenient for the individuals residing even in the nearby connecting to have instant access.
  9. Availability of 2 wheeler parking with complete safety & security
  10. Provision of personal lockers for ensuring the safe storage of the belongings
  11. Biometric system installation/ Access control mechanism
  12. Availability of free or discounted access to the especially organized events

Coworkrz fulfilled my entire expectations to hire a shared office space in the form of co-working environment. The organization is dedicated to provide all the essential amenities required to provide a feel of enjoying a professional office setup with inborn professionalisms. Moreover, the environment is extremely safe, sound and secured. Thanks for providing the exceptional specifications at such an affordable pricing.

Lisa, Consultant

I am an independent contractor working for an internationally renowned IT company on remote basis. The coworkrz swapped away my burden and provided me an office space with complete professional setup and outlooks. Management and team handling got easier by availing the conference room at the most affordable prices. Thanks a lot.

Shrishti, Freelancer

Availing office space under the CoWorkrz really made my works simpler. The environment is extremely cool, calm and professional with added facilities to avail free unlimited internet and beverages any number of times. Really awesome experience.

Rahul, Freelancer

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